Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Check Check Check It!

Tell me that is not the coolest thing EVER! How dope if I had furniture like that!! Jealous! :) So I thought I'd share this with you guys, since you know I'm all about adidas. The pictures looks like it's miniature, but it's super life size. This company had to make a point-of-sale display at a London department store. Thecoolhunter says, "Manchester based True North were given the task to create a 'can't miss it' bespoke display system for adidas Originals within the Offspring concession at the Oxford Street store. Taking inspiration from the product itself where an adidas shoebox becomes a table and the shoebox lid, a chair, they have created a display and "trying on" area where customers can fully immerse themselves in the brand." I want it. Hahaha!

Oh, by the way, the verdict is in! So Tanya, our contest winner, came in to pick up her Batman joints. The shoes were waiting in the display case, and when I pointed to them, I saw her face light up :) Seriously, it really makes me happy when my "client" (weird...) is happy with the final product. She gave me a great compliment in 3 words: "You are good." :) Yea! Thanks!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Holy Custom Sneakers Batman!!

So back when I did the adidas event, we had an "Enter to Win" contest for some free customs. We did the drawing and the winner could get anything they wanted on a pair of Superstars. I talked to the winner and she said she wanted a Batman themed shoe. I was originally only going to do the outsides, but I saw an opportunity to add more elements to it.

It has an old school comic feel to it. My cousin Mike has a CRAZY comic book collection and I remember reading them was I was younger, so I definitely have that appreciation. I used the OG blue (haha) to really bring that out along with the old title logo and "sound effect" punch graphic.

Tanya, the winner, hasn't seen them yet. I'm gonna give her a call tomorrow and hopefully she'll dig 'em. I let you know the verdict after the drop!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blank to Bank!

If I have a blank sheet of paper in front of me, I'm gonna draw on it and if I have a blank canvas, eventually I'm gonna paint on it...I think most people are like that, but when it comes to a pair of all-whites, most people can leave them be. Everyone needs a classic pair of all-white shelltoes! I know this but I can't seem to do it. They call out for me to draw on them. I figured I'd try again with my all-white Pro Models -- to keep them untouched and fresh. Look at them! Sooo clean! Yeah, that lasted about 3 weeks...

These joints are inspired by this company in the Philippines called Graphic Designed Lifestyle Inc. "Limited Edition Merchandise by Team Manila." Their stuff is very cool. Check 'em out here! I was already doing a "Filipino" themed sneaker
with the sun, but didn't know what else. I was born in Manila, and I saw a hoodie on their website that was SICK! So I used some of the same elements: the gold color and the words "Manila Royals" on the sneakers. I added stars, which a lot of my sneakers have, a crown (cuz you know we're royalty! - hahaha!) and put "REP PH" on the heel. They came out clean :) I'm happy with them. I remember how loooong the sun took to draw. I was going crazy making sure every ray was lined up and spaced out okay. I wanted to make sure I kept a lot of white still on the shoe with the simple graphic elements and I think it works. Hope you guys like them. They'll be on display at the adidas Store in Irvine in a few days for a little bit, but then they're coming home!