Sunday, August 3, 2008

Jack It Up!

So awhile back at work, I met this guy who was looking at my display case of sneakers. He was interested in getting some customs, as many customers are at the store, though most don't follow through. So I chatted with him a bit and gave him my card.

About a month later I received an email from Ryan reminding me of his visit and what kind of sneakers he wanted. He was a fan of the Manila Royals so we decided on the Pro Models. Ryan is going off to college to play football at Northern Arizona University. These Pro Models have a navy and yellow NAU theme with the school logo, a football and axe, Ryan's last name "Berry", and the phrase "Jack It Up"...cuz that's what they do!! Haha!

These sneakers are cool because they get to show off Ryan's NAU pride. He picked them up on Thursday at the store and left for school yesterday. I wish him the best at NAU and hope his teammates are jealous of the sneaks to the point that they want a pair of their own! Go Lumberjacks! Lol!