Tuesday, November 15, 2011

California Love

So a few months back, my buddy Shannon wanted me to do some customs for her friend. Her friend's from Europe and had fallen in love with California after a visit. Shannon was traveling to visit this friend and a pair of Cali-Love sneakers were a must. This was a tall order: there's so much awesomeness about California and only 4 sneaker sides.

I didn't want it to look crazy, but a nice clean representation of some of Cali's finest and iconic landmarks. Shannon was kind enough to give me free artist expression and let me do my thing. So these all white Superstars have the Golden Gate bridge, palm trees, a beach scene with a lifeguard tower (think Baywatch, haha.), the Hollywood sign, and the outlined state of California. We Californians like the shape of our state.

These were a lot of fun to do. I've lived in California pretty much my whole life and love it. I think Cali-Love sneakers should be in every Californian's sneaker closet! Ahem... The bridge was by far my favorite section. It was also the most stressful. I didn't want all the cable lines to look like a mess. I added some other little details like the "Golden State of Mind", the heart with "California" through it (who doesn't know that song?!), and the quote "What's Your Dream?" (from the movie Pretty Woman - did you pick up on that?)

Anyway, Shannon had them mailed overseas for fear of airport-luggage-check-in-crushage. I've mailed sneakers across the Pacific to Hawaii for my first family-pack for Reese, Belle, and Makana, but this was my first international send-off :) Pretty special. Hope you dig 'em like I do!