Monday, January 26, 2009

Funky Fresh - - The Dope Joints

Happy New Year suckas! 2009 is all about change and follow-thru, and what better way to "ursher" (lol) in the new year than with a fresh pair of customs!! These funked out Stan Smiths are the first of 2009.

LaRhonda is the homie so these kicks had to be just as dope. The only parameter I had was to put her nickname on it, and the rest was up to me.
Bright colors and a show-out vibe matches "LaLa" and her swag. Oh, and she likes Hello Kitty too.

The picture below shows some of the details a little better: green slime, line designs, writing on the back heel and Hello Kitty with stars and dust. I added some fluorescent orange laces to "tie" it all together! I think they came out pretty well and will definitely get some attention with all the loudness :)