Monday, December 19, 2011

Purple-flavored Cupcakes for Hailey

Happy Holidays! Closing out this 2011 year, I have 2 pairs of customs. This first pair is a craft-trade that I'm pretty excited about. So these sneakers are for a friend's daughter. Hailey loves cupcakes and purple, so that was definitely doable, and I love cupcakes as well. Shout out to Cups in La Jolla! Aaaaaaanyway, since the theme was pretty simple, I made sure to add little fun details like sprinkles, the "H" and mini cupcake on the back heels, and "Hailey" and another mini cupcake right at the base of the laces. I added some dull-purple laces so it didn't over-"pop" the rest of the design, but it still tied it all together. Both sneakers were the same with variations of cupcake flavors. I dropped off these freshly-mades yesterday, so I'm excited to see how little Hailey likes them :)