Saturday, May 31, 2008

On Display for a Day

The event was fun! Pretty low key since it was during the day (12-4pm). It was a little nerve-wracking to be in front of everyone, cuz I don't really like when people watch me. I could feel the pressure, but it was ok. I kept the stuff up and running until around 6pm, then packed it up. I think if it were at night, especially with the dj, the event would've been more bustling. It wasn't until right before I left at 8pm, did more and more people come up to me and ask about the sneakers I put in the display case and talk about the event. Overall it was a good day. It was fun being "on display" in the window. When I wasn't customizing a customer's sneakers, "in the meantime, in between time", I brought a pair to do myself. It has pens, a pencil, line designs and my stolen lyric/motto from Da Bush Babees "we run styles, no styles no run we." What I remember most about the event, were the people. As I sat in the window, it was cool to see everyone crowd around, point at the ones they liked and the sign language they'd do to me thru the glass to show approval.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Me & Bobbito Garcia

Back in November, I went back to the Bay for Thanksgiving. Well, Naybeck was sick and it happened to be around Thanksgiving too. It was a chill holiday, and on my way home, I stood behind Bobbito Garcia in the security line at Oakland airport.

For you guys who don't know who he is, you should look him up here and here and here. He customizes, is a dj, hosts tv shows on ESPN, acts, dances, writes a daily blog on BounceMag & Vibe, plays ball, writes books, been on tv and in commercials about sneakers, basketball, dancing...the list goes on.

Anyway, we started talking about sneakers and he snapped a shot of my sneakers for BounceMag. As he said, the meeting "was mad flavors!" It's was cool. For this Originals event coming up, I emailed him for some advice and he gave me the heads up on some things and props on my sneakers, so that's definitely a compliment worth taking!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Originals Event Saturday!

This Saturday I'm doing an event at the adidas store at the Irvine Spectrum. If you come in between 12-4pm and buy a pair of Superstars or Stan Smiths, I'll customize them for free any of the 4 designs, you pick. You can also enter to win a free pair of customs too. The winner can sit down with me and we'll come up with a unique pair just for them. It'll be a lot of fun! It's gonna be a chill event with a dj. So good music, adidas and customizing -- sounds like a good day to me! You know I had to design my pen holder too!


A month ago, my great aunt passed away. She was like a second mother to me and my brother growing up. "Nay" means "mother" in tagalog, and combining it with her name, Rebecca, we called her "Naybeck." It's still hard to talk about, and it's a long story, but she is definitely loved and missed. I've known her my whole life, and she finally got to go back to the Philippines where she passed. She died April 30, 2008. The sneakers say "04.29.08" because it was the 29th in the states. Naybeck was 7th Day Adventist, so I put a bible verse about "soul sleep", which they believe in. Daniel 12:2 "...and many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life..." Naybeck was tha homie for sure.

AJ & Lena

AJ is a friend at work. He and his girlfriend tied the knot last month and he asked me a long time ago to do sneakers for his wedding. As the date approached, I was excited to do them. I wanted them simple and sweet. AJ told me to do whatever and that lavender was the color of the wedding. These Stan Smiths have the couple's names, "Just Married", a nice star design, and the words "Love and Happiness". The sneakers were put on the guest sign in table.

Hip Hop in December

The homie Andrenee wanted a pair as a birthday present to herself. She didn't completely know what she wanted so we brainstormed a bit and came up with a icy, winter theme cuz she was born in December. She loves hip hop and is a dj too. These Stan Smiths are pretty clean. Her birthdate is written on the insides of the sneakers with frosted numbers, a snow-capped trefoil, and a snowflake wearing headphones are on the outsides with the plug across both sneakers. I remember Andrenee needing them before her big 21 bash in the Vegas. She liked them a lot and had a great birthday bash. She wore them up and down the Vegas strip, which I couldn't believe, but I'm sure she looked dope.

J-to-Tha Part 2

This past December marked Jasmine's 2nd birthday! She's growing up so fast. She loves the Backyardigans, especially Pablo the Penguin. I love that I'm the cool aunt that spoils her with adidas...not that she knows what adidas is, but still! The "cool aunt" is of course a self-appointed title. My brother Jim doesn't let her wear the customs cuz he doesn't want them to get messed up. Apparently Jasmine loves to play in the dirt...she's 2. I would too. He has them on a shelf in her room as decor. So then I have to make sure I fit her in adidas that she can wear. In a previous entry, I talked about Jasmine's love of hip hop beats. This last picture is proof enough with her doin' her thizzface like a true west-coaster!


My best friend, Lindsay finally got her pair of sneakers. I must say that I'm pretty jealous of these. Linds is tha homie for life. She moved away a few years ago, which was pretty hard for me after seeing her everyday for like 3 years. These velcro Stan Smiths were pretty dope before the customization -- white with the grey tongue and toe and the navy heel. I call her "Foolio" and she's a big fan of argyle, so I think it came together well. Homie's a thug too, so had to add that! I remember trying them on cuz I wanted to keep them sooo bad. I remember stepping all flat and taking big steps so I didn't make any crease lines - lol! I also remember that those were the last pair of sneakers, so I couldn't even buy a pair to make a duplicate for myself. It's all good. Jerkface killer! LOL!

R.I.P. Skinny

A while back, this guy from work, Charles asked me to do some sneakers for his homegirl. Her friend had passed away and these were gonna be to commemorate him. I think that's cool. Everyone expresses their love/pain differently and I was happy to do it. I was told hot pink, "Skinny", and to put an anchor. The lettering came out a little on the darker side than I would've liked, but I think the anchor is pretty kick-ass. I added some subtle details with my leather burning pen on the stripes. "Rest in Peace" is written in so it looks debossed.

My Favorite Movie

Love & Basketball is one of my favorite FAVORITE movies. I can watch it over and over. My friend Harrison's cousin contacted me about doing a pair of sneakers for his friend's birthday. John and his homegirl were like the "Quincy & Monica" of the movie. That's was them and this was their movie. I thought it was definitely a cute idea. These Superstars have the movie title's logo, the characters' names, and a basketball & hoop. A nice little detail was that instead of Quincy and Monica's basketball numbers, I put John and his homegirl's numbers. [sorry I can't remember her name]. Overall it came out pretty dope and she liked 'em a lot, which is what matters. Great movie...GREAT!

Flip Hop 'til Ya Drop

My little cousin Andie and I have a lot in common. We both love sports, sneakers, and hip hop. Andie's not so little -- she's 17. Anyway, she's been taking hip hop dance classes and last year she had a competition. She asked me to do some sneakers for her, and I figured they'd be an early 16th birthday present too. These Superstars have her initials and the year she was born ("AD'91"), a spray paint can, and the words "Flip Hop"...cuz, you know, we're filipinos who like hip hop... She really liked 'em so that made me feel good. It's always fun to see her when I visit, see where she's at and what's new...rub it in that I saw Alicia Keys in concert with!

KB Sneaks

So another one of my favorite people is my teddy bear, KB. Yeah yeah I know. He's a stuffed animal. Get off me - lol! I remember having done quite a few pairs of sneaker and thinking, "what would mine be?" I was tryna think if there was some sort of cartoon or character that was "my thing." Haha! So KB sneaks it is! KB stands for Kwanzaa Bear and he was a random gift from my best friend that turned out to be the best gift cuz he's the homie! These Superstars always give me a little chuckle cuz they're fun and can always start up a convo. "What's on your shoes?...Who's KB?" "That's KB, he's my teddy bear!"

Congrats to Jim & Ly!

My closest guy cousins have got to be the 4 Espinas brothers. It was like having 4 other brothers growing up. I remember how they had girlfriend after girlfriend but the thought of marriage was some sort of myth. [sorry - lol] Jim was the "cool" one who seemed to have the most girlfriends over the years, but none got to him like Ly. They got married a year and a half ago and I flew up to the Bay for the wedding. I thought it'd be cool to give them matching sneakers as a present. Jim has always supported me with my art and design and Ly's the homie too with her love of hip hop. These Stan Smiths have "bride" and "groom", "Just Married", the date on the back heel, a simple flower design on her sneakers, and a fun happyface/crossbones design on his. What I remember about these sneakers was that they actually came out in 'em for their first dance!! So cool! It made my day on their day! I know, selfish huh? Lol!

Rasta Joints

This guy at work wanted me to do a pair for him a while back. Ali loves himself some weed and some reggae. Who doesn't? Hahaha! Just kidding. Ali's a chill guy, pretty spaced out, definitely good for a laugh. I think I took care of him with these joints. These Stan Smiths got the Zion lion, "One Love", Marley doin' his business and Ali's nickname "Ali Baba". What I remember about these sneakers was how Ali had to have them so he could wear them on 4-20. It just so happened that 4-20 that year was a rainy day. Homie still wore 'em out -- boo, but they still fine. These are one of my favorite pairs.

A1 & Tigg-Tigg

My friend Amanda LOVES Tigger! She also always keeps it fresh with the all whites! A few years back I wanted to surprise her for her birthday with her own Tiggeriffic sneakers. I remember she saw the box and figured it was a "regular" pair of sneakers and told me that eventually she'd want a pair with Tigger on 'em. Check. Check. These Superstars have Tigger all over with her nickname "Ayone."

Jasmine and Her Otter Pops

One of the coolest people I know is my niece Jasmine! She was born Dec. 20, 2005 and she's my god-daughter too. I knew from the get-go she was the homie! She lives in Texas so I don't get to see her very much, but it's funny how I'm told we're so much alike. I refer to her as "J-to-Tha" and she loves popsicles, especially Otter Pops. Growing up, those were the best. These baby Stan Smiths got the good flavor! You can't forget about the puppy on the turnatables, cuz my girl be bobbin' her head to a good beat non-stop! No lie! I did these for her 1st birthday.

Japan Edition 2006

As a graduation present, my friends and I went to Japan. It was a great trip!! The food was awesome, the shopping was never-ending, and there were sneaker shops EVERYWHERE! Shout out every ABC Mart, Chapter, and OG Store! Me and my friends Michelle and Mike went around Tokyo, district by district, and had ourselves a great time. These adidas Forum Lows have my favorite stops from the "JR-Line" on 'em: Harajuku and Shibuya. Good memories everytime I look at them.