Sunday, October 10, 2010

Get 'em In!

So it's October - another season has ended, so I thought I'd do a lil update. The Green Day sneakers turned out to be a hit and I'm gearing up to start another pair of customs for tradework. I'm very excited to do these because the payoff is well worth it. Stay tuned :)

As you know, this is my sneaker blog and for the first time -- there are pictures of apparel! Just like I do customs for my niece, I also do graphics and custom tees too. I'll make her fun tees or tanks or "KB" tees (if you know me, you know KB), or a prep-swagg cardigan sweater like the one in the pictures below. I love this sweater!! It's got the year she was born and her initials in Old English caps. The front has the "Rep U" logo, and on the back is one of my fave lines "we run styles, no styles no run we". If any of you think you may know a little one who may wanna rock the cardi with their own year and initials, let me know about ordering one.

On the same note, with fall officially here, Christmas is right around the corner. For those who have been keepin' up on my blog (first off, thanks!) and those who know me, know that I do a pair of customs for my niece every year for her December birthday. I've done a pair for every year that she's been born. This year she will be 5, so the 5th pair is coming. With that said, I've got some open slots for orders if you've got some customs in mind for your own niece or nephew or kids :) Time flies, so I wanna put it out there. Lemme know! Thanks!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Green Day 2010

Green Day means --- GREAT DAY! It's always a great day when sneakers are involved. It's so great to be getting back into doing these customs :)

My cousin Trish's son Reese is quite the musician. He's a pretty talented drummer and Green Day is an all-time favorite of his. What better theme for sneakers than "Green Day"!

Reese would always ask questions about my sneakers, and finally he asked me to do a pair for him. We worked out a deal and here is the finished product! 4 sides on the adidas Pro Models gave me more than enough room to work with. Reese and I talked about specifics and I was able to incorporate 3 top albums that Reese liked: Dookie, 21st Century Breakdown, and American Idiot. The fourth side was a simple band logo.

Each side is pretty different, drawing from each album, but it all comes together for some rockin' Green Day sneaks!! Reese and fam live up in the Bay and I just happen to be going up for a few days. Just a plane ride from San Diego, these will be hand-delivered :)

The "Dookie" side was a lot of fun mimicking that cartoon-feel of the cover. The plane and explosion cloud were fun to draw. The "21st Century Breakdown" side was cool too cuz I liked the abstract skulls. Overall, it was nice to do this mix, but still having it all go together. Hopefully Reese digs 'em :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Update: Mia meets Mulan

Happy Birthday Mia! Today I received this picture message from my cousin Paul. By the look on Mia's face, I'm happy to see the ballet flats were a hit --- or a kick! :) Great extension Mia - lol!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mu-loooooong Time, but I'm Back!

Wow...that was cheesy...and wow, I've been outta the game for some time now! It's September 2010! Lot's have happened and kept me away, but hopefully I'll be in a better routine to get back in. And what better way to get re-started, then a pair of Mulan-themed customs!! I love Disney movies and these are for my cousin's daughter Mia :)

My cousin Paul has always talked about me doing a pair of customs for Mia, but it never came to pass. Finally, we got it together and planned it out -- pretty easily. Mia's birthday is Sept. 13 and Paul wanted something "princess-y" but "strong" -- and then he said "MULAN"! Knowing Mia, this soon to be 5 year old, didn't seem like the typical sneaker girl and I knew I had to fit her little growing style. I found some pretty dope adidas ballet flats with metallic gold stripes that are right up her alley. The real estate on the flats led for a lot creativity to maximize the space.

We've got Mulan on both shoes, dragon rockets, Cri-Kee the Cricket, cherry blossoms and the sword handle. I kept in strictly "Mulan", rather than "birthday-ing it up" and I think all the elements work together. I mailed them off last week up to the Bay Area, and yesterday I received a text from Paul saying he got them and they looked great! Yah! :) Hopefully Mia feels the same and enjoys her upcoming birthday next week! Happy Birthday Mia!