Friday, January 6, 2012

Pacquiao vs. Pacquiao

So back in May, I helped out my cousin Jim with an event celebrating Jose Rizal's 150th birthday. I donated my sneaker customizing services for a silent auction and displayed some Jose Rizal sneakers too.

My cousin Paul won the silent auction and "cashed" in on his win this Christmas. We talked over the theme and came up with a pretty unique pair of sneakers. Paul's kids have a kitten named Pacquiao, and he liked the other Pacquiao boxer sneakers I've done, so we combined the 2 to create "Pacquiao vs. Pacquiao"!!

These all-white Stan Smith kids sneakers have their kitten face-to-face with Manny, a "title fight" sign, boxing gloves, and stars on the back heels. I gave them to Paul when I saw the fam over Christmas. These were actually the last pair to close out the 2011 year, and it marks me doing custom sneakers for 5 years. As a fun personal commemoration, I'm almost done making a photo/portfolio book with all the customs I've done. Coffee-table-book! LOL! :)