Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jasmine's Rocket Sneaks

Happy 3rd Birthday Jasmine!!

December 20th, my niece turned 3 years old, and as always, she gets a fresh pair of customs!! Yes, she will be that girl :)

This year
she's really into the Little Einstein's show on the Disney Channel, so that was the theme. The velcro Stan Smiths are perfect with the red plaid lining, logo, and tongue color. The sneakers have Rocket, the show's logo, the Disney Playground logo with a number 3, and Jasmine's nickname.

I added something extra onto the straps for fun. "Pat-pat-pat..." is what the kids say to rev up Rocket and "Goin on a trip..." is part of the Little Einstein's theme song. Simple and fun. I think the "Little Einstein" kicks look pretty smart!

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