Sunday, February 1, 2009


A while back, my brother's friend Hillary asked me to do some sneakers for her daughters. This first pair is for Belle :)

Belle LOVES High School Musical and Troy Bolton! These Stan Smiths are the perfect color scheme to go with the HSM theme. They are the same sneakers used for the "Little Einsteins" pair I did right before Christmas, but this is lace-up versus velcro.

The sneakers have a "school spirit" vibe which all the High School Musical movies have. For one shoe, the East High mascot, the Wildcat is on one side with "Belle" on the other. The other shoe has "I Love Troy" with hearts and "HSM' with a streamer-like design. Both sneakers have little stars on the back heel sportin' the #14 which is Troy's basketball number.

Go Wildcats!

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