Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hello from Daygo with a Deuce Pack to Match!

So I'm officially all moved in down here in San Diego. I'm pretty much settled in but still adjusting to my new city. SD is pretty chill and decorating a new place is always fun. Getting started up on sneakers again is great! Moving and unpacking and setting everything up took a loooong time, but it's good to be back to work :)

My first job after the big move was a Stan Smith 2-pack. I got a call from "Swagg Central" about a girl who wanted to get customs for her nephew's 3rd birthday. We exchanged a few emails and got the ball rolling. The first pair were "Gordon the Big Express" - themed. Kyle is a big fan and we decided to do them the same way I did the "Thomas" sneakers. We've got Gordon, Kyle's name, Gordon's name and a track design. The back heels have a star and the #4 because that's what number train he is.

The second pair of sneakers were more of a challenge. They are "Manchester United" sneakers, which I thought was a really cool idea. Thus far, all the kid sneakers I've done are kid-related with cartoon characters. The crest, luckily, wasn't too complex, but the placement on the shoe was a bit tricky. The sneakers have the crest on the outside toe of both shoes and little Kyle's initials on the inside of both shoes. Add "Glory, Glory Man United!" and we've got the perfect little sneakers for a true Man-U fan!

I think they both came out pretty cool and I am delivering them next week. Kyle's birthday party is May 30th so I hope the little guy likes them :) Happy Birthday Kyle!

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