Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Babykicks for Babycakes!

Now that I've gotten a chance to roam around San Diego a bit, I've come across lots of spots to eat. In Hillcrest, there is a pretty dope place called Babycakes. It's a chill little dessert/coffee shop that does cakes, cookies, cupcakes, coffee, or you can grab a beer or some wine.

A lot of the customs I've done are actually little sneakers for kids or I decided to do a pair of baby kicks for Babycakes! They didn't ask me to, but I thought it would be a fun way to low-key advertise and a cool thing for them to have. Besi
des, I'm a big cupcake fan :)

Today, my buddy Greg and I went to Babycakes to give them the sneaks. First thing's first, I had the "white bottom" cupcake with the cream cheese frosting. It had raspberries and chocolate in the was good! I talked with one of the guys who worked there and gave him the sneakers. Unforunately the owner had just stepped out, but overall I was happy to have done them. What they decide to do with the sneakers is up to them, but maybe I'll get a few more bites for baby kicks :)

One of my other favorite spots in Hillcrest is Figi Yogurt on University. No joke, I think I'm in there once a week and get the same combo of yogurts and toppings (if you want to know the combo I'll tell you - lol.) Maybe that'll be my next pair... For real though, Figi Yogurt is bomb!

Geez, next thing you know I'll be telling you all the spots that are good with restaurant reviews!! If that's the case, go to Terra for their lobster macaroni and cheese, and then to the Ruby Kitchen, where my buddy Greg cooks. Everything is good there and they are open late!

Rock it out Hillcrest!

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lauren said...

Yes! Glad you did that and approached them with the sneaks. Make sure to follow up in a few weeks :) I've got faith in your ideas. . .along with many others!