Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sneakers Go Great with a Barong and a White Dress

My cousin Trish and her husband Dennis have been married for 13 years. They never got to have their church wedding, so this past June they finally had the ceremony they always wanted. Trish told me that ever since she saw the movie "Father of the Bride" she wanted bridal sneakers, and how convenient that she finally knew someone to do some for her!!

The wedding was in Tahoe and it was awesome! I did a pair for both Dennis and Trish to wear during the reception. They picked out the Stan Smith sneaker and pretty much gave me freedom to design it however I wanted. The only things they really wanted were a specific smiley face logo that was also printed on their wedding souvenirs and the colors to go with the wedding theme: shades of blue. The outsides of
the sneakers had their last name "Villafranca" and the smiley face logo, and the insides of the sneakers had "husband" and "wife" respectively on each shoe. The inside of the other sneakers matched the wedding "save-the-date" card with the drawing of the church on the hill, and I added a rising sun accent. I kept the colors to mainly navy and silver. Trish and Dennis were really happy with how they came out. I was happy to do it for them and actually turned out to be a decent wedding present :) Congrats Trish and Dennis!! Love you both!

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