Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Blank to Bank!

If I have a blank sheet of paper in front of me, I'm gonna draw on it and if I have a blank canvas, eventually I'm gonna paint on it...I think most people are like that, but when it comes to a pair of all-whites, most people can leave them be. Everyone needs a classic pair of all-white shelltoes! I know this but I can't seem to do it. They call out for me to draw on them. I figured I'd try again with my all-white Pro Models -- to keep them untouched and fresh. Look at them! Sooo clean! Yeah, that lasted about 3 weeks...

These joints are inspired by this company in the Philippines called Graphic Designed Lifestyle Inc. "Limited Edition Merchandise by Team Manila." Their stuff is very cool. Check 'em out here! I was already doing a "Filipino" themed sneaker
with the sun, but didn't know what else. I was born in Manila, and I saw a hoodie on their website that was SICK! So I used some of the same elements: the gold color and the words "Manila Royals" on the sneakers. I added stars, which a lot of my sneakers have, a crown (cuz you know we're royalty! - hahaha!) and put "REP PH" on the heel. They came out clean :) I'm happy with them. I remember how loooong the sun took to draw. I was going crazy making sure every ray was lined up and spaced out okay. I wanted to make sure I kept a lot of white still on the shoe with the simple graphic elements and I think it works. Hope you guys like them. They'll be on display at the adidas Store in Irvine in a few days for a little bit, but then they're coming home!

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