Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Check Check Check It!

Tell me that is not the coolest thing EVER! How dope if I had furniture like that!! Jealous! :) So I thought I'd share this with you guys, since you know I'm all about adidas. The pictures looks like it's miniature, but it's super life size. This company had to make a point-of-sale display at a London department store. Thecoolhunter says, "Manchester based True North were given the task to create a 'can't miss it' bespoke display system for adidas Originals within the Offspring concession at the Oxford Street store. Taking inspiration from the product itself where an adidas shoebox becomes a table and the shoebox lid, a chair, they have created a display and "trying on" area where customers can fully immerse themselves in the brand." I want it. Hahaha!

Oh, by the way, the verdict is in! So Tanya, our contest winner, came in to pick up her Batman joints. The shoes were waiting in the display case, and when I pointed to them, I saw her face light up :) Seriously, it really makes me happy when my "client" (weird...) is happy with the final product. She gave me a great compliment in 3 words: "You are good." :) Yea! Thanks!!

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