Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My best friend, Lindsay finally got her pair of sneakers. I must say that I'm pretty jealous of these. Linds is tha homie for life. She moved away a few years ago, which was pretty hard for me after seeing her everyday for like 3 years. These velcro Stan Smiths were pretty dope before the customization -- white with the grey tongue and toe and the navy heel. I call her "Foolio" and she's a big fan of argyle, so I think it came together well. Homie's a thug too, so had to add that! I remember trying them on cuz I wanted to keep them sooo bad. I remember stepping all flat and taking big steps so I didn't make any crease lines - lol! I also remember that those were the last pair of sneakers, so I couldn't even buy a pair to make a duplicate for myself. It's all good. Jerkface killer! LOL!

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