Wednesday, May 28, 2008

J-to-Tha Part 2

This past December marked Jasmine's 2nd birthday! She's growing up so fast. She loves the Backyardigans, especially Pablo the Penguin. I love that I'm the cool aunt that spoils her with adidas...not that she knows what adidas is, but still! The "cool aunt" is of course a self-appointed title. My brother Jim doesn't let her wear the customs cuz he doesn't want them to get messed up. Apparently Jasmine loves to play in the dirt...she's 2. I would too. He has them on a shelf in her room as decor. So then I have to make sure I fit her in adidas that she can wear. In a previous entry, I talked about Jasmine's love of hip hop beats. This last picture is proof enough with her doin' her thizzface like a true west-coaster!

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