Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Congrats to Jim & Ly!

My closest guy cousins have got to be the 4 Espinas brothers. It was like having 4 other brothers growing up. I remember how they had girlfriend after girlfriend but the thought of marriage was some sort of myth. [sorry - lol] Jim was the "cool" one who seemed to have the most girlfriends over the years, but none got to him like Ly. They got married a year and a half ago and I flew up to the Bay for the wedding. I thought it'd be cool to give them matching sneakers as a present. Jim has always supported me with my art and design and Ly's the homie too with her love of hip hop. These Stan Smiths have "bride" and "groom", "Just Married", the date on the back heel, a simple flower design on her sneakers, and a fun happyface/crossbones design on his. What I remember about these sneakers was that they actually came out in 'em for their first dance!! So cool! It made my day on their day! I know, selfish huh? Lol!

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